Mentoring at Victory

Grow your faith and build relationships. Join the men's or women's mentoring group.

Become a Disciple of Christ

Having a mentor is an essential part of life. A Christian mentor is someone to trains, leads, and guides you through life's transitions, praying for you and helping you grow in faith along the way.

The purpose of these groups is to help you grow into confident, faithful Christians while building relationships with others at Victory. The men's group is led by Pastor Ben and other leaders at Victory.

The goal is to impact and transform lives in a way that points you toward an integrated Christian life. Men can have successful careers and be learners and followers of Jesus Christ and be great spouses, parents, church members, civic leaders, disciple-makers and friends . . . all at the same time.

Vision Casting Meeting

To cast the vision and share some information about the group, there will be an informational meeting about the Mentoring Program.

MEN will meet:

  • August 13 at 6:00pm (Ministry Center)

Attendance at the meeting is required for those interested in participating in the group, but you are not obligated to participate by attending the meeting. RSVP for the meeting through the link below.

What Mentoring Members are Saying

Here are just a few comments that past mentoring members have shared about their experience in the mentoring program:

"I'm a huge fan of Victory's Men's Mentoring program! Victory has always felt like home, but the Men's Mentoring program has made it feel like family. Being in this group has taken me far beyond the pleasantries of Sunday morning into a world of real, meaningful relationships with Christian men - young and old. It has taught me to better know myself and my Savior. Come join the company of Christian fathers, sons, brothers and friends on your walk with Jesus!" - Mark N.

“The women's mentoring group is great because it both encouraged and challenged me in my walk with Christ, not to mention stretching my personal growth. It made me stop to think why I believe what I believe and provided great encouragement and support through daily challenges. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone!” - Toni C.

"I really enjoyed the program last year and found the book’s interesting as well as challenging. The best part however was meeting the men and forming the small groups to get to know each other and especially to support each other. I honestly feel that being a part of the group helped me to grow in my faith as well in our church family. I look forward to participating again this year." - Mike S.

"The Men's Mentoring program was a great blessing for me and helped me develop at least one strong friendship. I got to know several other [men] much better than before." - Bob L.

"This will be the third year that I’ve been involved in our Men’s Mentoring group, and it has been such a blessing. It not only gives me the opportunity to strengthen my faith, but I get to meet and learn from other Christian men and I have formed great new friendships from it. It has also been a blessing to my marriage. It has made me more self-aware and has allowed my wife and I to have deeper conversations and grow in our faith together. " - Jake G.

"Women’s Mentoring at Victory provided structure and encouragement to grow spiritually. It became a supportive sounding board and connection to other women of faith, and a true joy! Thanks, Victory!" - Rachel C.

"It's great to get to know other Christian men in the church. I learn a lot about myself and made many new friends. I would recommend it for everyone who wants to make new friends and learn more about the Bible." - Scott K.