Life Groups

A safe place to ask questions, build friendships, and find support.

Better Together

Groups are the best way to get connected at Victory of the Lamb! They are a key aspect of our church community. Groups are a safe place to ask questions, build meaningful friendships, and find prayer and support for those challenging times we all face. There are groups for every stage of life and in many locations.

We have a variety of groups at Victory of the Lamb. Groups have different purposes and meet in different dates and locations. Use the link below to view currently available groups.

Get Involved!

When you're ready to get connected with a group, click the link below. Once you submit the form, our group leaders will be notified and will contact you about how you can join in with the group.

Group Resources

The links below are for groups to use who are following the Victory sermon series in their group discussions. Click any link below to download for the series.