Light in the Darkness Devotion

Prepare your heart for Jesus' birth // November 30-December 25

The Light is Coming

The devotion is now available! You can pick up a copy of your Light in the Darkness devotion at the Ministry Center now, or download a digital version below.

Check back soon for access to the video devotions!

About the Devotion

It seems like darkness has taken over this year. We find ourselves wondering if it’s worth hoping for normal to return or if peace is even possible.

But all is not lost. On the first Christmas, Jesus came into the world to live a perfect life and died an undeserved death so we could be free from the darkness of sin. Because darkness is defeated, we can live in the light of Christ, no matter our earthly circumstances.

This four-week devotional series is intended to help you prepare your heart for Christmas, a time when we celebrate Jesus bringing light into our dark world. Through Scripture, personal reflection, videos, and prayer, you’ll have the opportunity to refocus your mind and heart on the light of the world.